Welcome to the Core Knowledge Librarians Wiki Space!

As the E.D. Hirsch Core Knowledge Sequence becomes more prevalent in schools, especially in charter schools, more and more LMS' will have to understand how the Core Knowledge Sequence addresses media content. There is no 'section' in the core knowledge materials for the library media center. It's not the only content area left out. This may or may not be a gross over-sight on the part of the creators. Regardless, it can be addressed by the professionals working in the field until we can convince the foundation we merit inclusion. The intention in starting this wiki space is for fellow librarians to have a place to share how they are utilizing the Core Knowledge Sequence to structure their library media curriculum.

We've divided the pages into two major groups: Literature Lessons and Library Skills Lessons which includes information literacy and media literacy lessons. Since the state of Utah's core curriculum uses the Big6 methodology developed by Eisenberg and Berkowitz, many of the the information literacy lessons will refer to the Big 6 and Super 3 models.