Dr. Seuss Unit- Kindergarten;
Four lessons- each twenty minutes

Lesson 1: Kindergarten
Ten Apples up on Top

Core Knowledge Concepts: Elements of Art, Poetry, Patterns and classification, numbers and number sense

Library Concepts: Review: patterns and classification-
We can see patterns in lots of things. What kind of patterns do we see in the library?

Books in the library can be arranged by pattern (all the books the same size, or all the books the same color are together) or by 'classification'(books that are true and books that are not true or books that have pictures and books that don't.) Possible tie to books that have poetry maybe also books that use rhyming words. While reading Ten Apples Up on Top, have the students watch for the pattern in the way the story moves forward?

Teach predicting(?) or inference from pictures by informing students that lots of words in this book rhyme with other words in the book. Do they see a word in the title of the book for which they can think of rhyming words? (Ten, up, top) (listing these rhyming words would fit with Utah Language Arts Standard 3, obj. 5, parts a and b as well as Standard 3 obj 1 part b) As they listen to the book, listen with a purpose for the appearance of any rhyming words they predicted might be in the book.

When they see the cover of the book, what do they think is going to happen in the book? (Art can convey meaning, even if they can't read the title, they can see that the book has something to do with apples and animals Utah Language Arts Standard 7, obj 2, part c)

Why did Dr. Seuss write this book? Utah Language Arts Standard Objective 1 parts a and b.